The Chronicles of Bren – Sacrifice

Sacrifice is Book Two in the story of one boy’s journey toward manhood – and the people that helped get him there.

Young Lee Jennings is again transported to a realm where once he was prince – but now he finds himself as the High King! The journey of Sacrifice reveals all it took to get him to that position. From dark fairies to shape shifter and dragons to betrayal, the twists and turns and sorrows and triumphs of Leonolis are all recorded here. With many of the characters you grew to love in Book One, you will also be introduced to new friends who helped Lee get to the throne.

Discover the keys to the Kingdom along the way with Leonolis and his friends…and discover a little more of yourself in the journey! To learn more about the mystical land of Bren, hear songs inspired by Book One, The Chronicles of Bren: Captured - Songs for the Journey. To find out how certain characters were inspired, and to see rough sketches of what Dennis Jernigan thinks these characters may look like, go to


Finding himself now floating above the ground, the boy began to lose all sense of balance, feeling like he was being lifted and danced around the room by his granddad at Christmas when he was three years old. Oddly, he felt elation rather than fear—peace rather than utter terror.

At one point, Lee looked down to see the faint glimpse of the barn and the house, growing smaller and smaller until they were gone from his sight. The wind seemed to be lifting him higher and higher with every second, but a forward motion, horizontal to the ground, soon replaced the vertical lifting. Moving at a tremendous clip, the boy could now make out the countryside below, whisking by at what seemed to be supersonic speed. Overwhelmed by the pace of his forward motion, Lee began to lose consciousness, passing out yet still able to sense what was going on—like a dream—a wonderful, familiar dream.

He sensed mountains, sensed mighty raging rivers, and felt the rush of wind created by a flock of geese in a flying V formation as they passed just below. With every passing mile he felt a wash of excitement and adventure beginning to course through his veins. Now the pace began to slow. Still in a dream state, Lee could feel the slightest kiss of pine needles as he glided through a pine forest, the branches gently tickling his skin as he brushed against the boughs. The smell of pine and earthy moss now filled the air. Deer and wild boars occasionally darted out from their hiding places as he flew by. Then something drew him to attention in his dream state. There, just ahead on the horizon, he could make out the silhouette of a man, asleep on the ground, lying on his back, a sleeping giant!

Still not able to put words to his dream-thoughts, he just knew he knew this place. He felt it. Felt like a part of him. Felt like destiny. Flying between the trees and through small, meandering valleys between the foothills, he felt himself descending to what would be the chest of the hill that appeared to be a sleeping giant. And there, as if on cue, a large, black stallion, regal in appearance, saddled and waiting, snorted with excitement and anticipation just below him. As if placed there by colossal, unseen hands, the boy settled into the saddle, dazed and confused but thrilled and alive as he had ever been at the same time. . . .


“I have read and reread all three books. I cannot stop rereading these! I find myself anticipating the next step of what will happen and have truly enjoyed each and every one. These books are beautifully written and will be cherished members of my library for years to come.”