The Chronicles of Bren – Generations NEW

Generations, Book Three in the Chronicles of Bren series, carries on the traditions of King Leonolis and Queen Abila as experienced through the lives of their nine children. If you enjoyed the wild adventures found in Captured and Sacrifice, you will thoroughly find your fill of adventure in Generations.

Just as Leonolis did before them, his children grow up discovering their special gifts and talents while living out their very own wild adventures in the process. From magical spiders to Brumbycrocs, from alien beings to glass dragons, the saga of the children of Leonolis is the saga of nine very unique adventures found within the bounds of a single volume!


Then, after weeks upon weeks of hoping, Lee’s mind needed a break. Picking up his fishing pole and tackle box, he drove his dad’s pickup to Shale Pit for an after-school fishing expedition. Rigging his pole and casting it into the deep, clear waters, his mind began to ease and a sense of realization and freedom began to flow through the courses of his entire being. Like perfect peace, actually. He soon forgot about the sadness of missing the entry point to Bren.

And then he saw something that caught his attention.

Coming from the opposite bank of the Shale Pit was a faint glimmer of light, as if something shiny was reflecting the fading rays of sunshine peering over the western bank of the pit. Resting his now reeled-in pole on the ground, he slowly made his way around the massive pit, trying his best to keep his eye fixed on the gleam of the object now teasing him for discovery.

Through brambles and low-lying brush, through meandering deer trails, under rocky overhangs, Lee finally made his way to the place where the glint seemed to be coming from. As was the custom among the local boys, Lee realized he was coming upon the rocky outcropping he and his friends called The Dragon’s Head. To the local boys, the rocks jutting from the side of the former rock quarry resembled the head of a roaring dragon, complete with gaping jaws and menacing teeth. Walking around The Dragon’s Head and to the sunny side, he saw what had been causing the gleam.

There, as if severing the head of the dragon, was a sword, and not just any sword! It was the sword of High King Leonolis! Something deep inside of the boy, Lee, began to stir. Suddenly impressed from some deep, primal place in his soul, Lee felt compelled to place his hands on the sword. Just as he did, the world exploded with thunder and lightning as Leonolis heard the words, “Now, Leonolis! Now!”


“In chapter after chapter in Generations: The Chronicles of Bren Book Three, I was delighted with the stories Dennis developed about each child’s life. There are so many lessons and morals within the pages of this book for anyone willing to learn and apply the nuggets of truth [that are both] hidden and openly described. The king’s (Lee’s) admonition is wise: have a firm foundation from which to live and experience life so as to walk with the Founder’s purpose.”


The Chronicles of Bren trilogy takes you on an adventure-packed ride to the land of Bren. Full of action, suspense, vivid imagination, magic, and mystical creatures, the storytelling is compelling and will keep you turning the pages. This fast-paced trilogy has plot twists that keep coming.

Each book is powerful on its own but is best read in the classic trilogy style—one after the other. The characters are well developed, and it’s easy to become attached to them.

In Book One, young Lee Jennings is being bullied by some local boys. In his attempt to escape them, he falls into a pit and comes up in another realm. He fights evil, meets magical creatures, and begins to learn his purpose in life.

In Book Two, Lee becomes a teenager working on his parents’ farm. He gets sucked up into a tornado and again transported to the land of Bren, where he is now King Leonolis. He is led by a creature called the “Voice” and along the way endures both heartache and triumph.

In Book Three, King Leonolis and his wife, Queen Abila, watch their nine children grow up and discover each of their special magical gifts and talents. They learn how to use those talents for the good of the kingdom as well as fight evil.

The Chronicles of Bren saga is an epic adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.