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Did You Know…? For each of the first 2 books in the series The Chronicles of Bren, I have written songs that go along with every chapter in each book. They are now available for listening or download. Be sure and take a listen! 

Captured -
Sacrifice -

I’m working on songs for book three! the songs are intended to enhance the experience of travels in the land of Bren! To take the journey, get the books!

An Interview of Dennis and Review of Captured by Lena Nelson Dooley at A Christian Writer’s World

Check out this interview and review of the first book in The Chronicles of Bren series, viagra Captured…leave a comment on their site to possibly win free copy!

Interview By: Lena Nelson Dooley
Website: A Christian Writer’s World

The Chronicles of Bren – Captured

Why write a story like The Chronicles of Bren: Captured?

When I was a boy, I went through several years of personal torment – often teased and bullied by a small yet belligerent group of boys. I remember thinking that those guys seemed to take great joy in making my life as miserable as possible – that they lived just to torment me! Because of certain issues in my life at that time I did not know how to understand or even deal with, I longed for someone to simply rescue me…because I literally felt captured all the time.

I had certain activities that made me feel safe in high school. My basketball team (I was the only white guy!) made me feel protected when I was with them. After basketball practice I would spend several hours playing the piano at home. For some reason I could simply hear something on the radio and then sit down and play it. There was great enjoyment for me there, getting lost in the music…and in that place, no one could touch me – at least for a little while.

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